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In Potsdam you will come across some beautiful views over the city and its lakes. Our top three of beautiful viewpoints give you an opportunity to pause, enjoy the sight and fully embrace the city. 


Between Sanssouci Castle and New Palace you’ll find another building, often referred to as the Orangery Palace. Many fountains, arcades and sculptures ensure a great meridional flair, which was very important to Friedrich Wilhelm IV.  He adored Italy so much, that he needed to recreate the feeling back home for himself.  The Palace arose between the year 1851 and 1864 and encloses former royal apartments as well as staff quarters. An ample hall at the side is still used to winter exotic pot plants from the Sanssouci park.
Conquering the stairs will not only be paid off by a look at the beautiful architecture – from the terrace you will have an amazing view across the park and its structured visual axis. From May to October you have the opportunity to visit the lookout tower of the castle, too. So, if you already like the view from the terrace you should have 4 EUR entry fee at hand.  Following the path to the left of the Orangery Palace you can see the Belvedere on the Klausberg already in a distance. It is the first architectural created viewpoint in the city. Belvedere means as much as beautiful view – and indeed you will have another wonderful sight over Potsdam from up here. 

Bussop: Bus 695 – Orangerie | Entry fee: 4 EUR


The old church is standing under monument protection and can be found at „Am Alten Markt“. This impressive structure was built after plans of Karl Friedrich Schinkels between 1880 and 1837. In later years the church was completed with a large dome on top, overlooking Potsdam. With its 77 meters, the steeple projects over the most rooftops of the city and on clear days you might have a perfect view as far as Berlin. 
To reach the top you need to step inside the church and stay on the right side to get to the next floor where you’ll find the pay machine. As the tower is pretty small, there is a boom gate and traffic light to control the influx of visitors. The first leg will bring you to the roof of the building, from there another staircase takes you up to the actual tower. The view in all four cardinal directions is absolutely stunning and so worth the way up, we promise!  

Next stop: Tram 91, 96 – Alter Markt | Enty fee: 5 EUR


A breathtaking view over the city center, the surrounding countryside with its lakes and up to the famous Fernsehturm (TV tower) in Berlin awaits you from the Belvedere on the Pfingstberg. The building lies a little off the beaten tourist track and requires a walk up the hill. But don’t worry, the effort will pay out – with its many arcades, staircases and platforms there is always a new angle for wide and stunning views! 
1847 workers started building this Italian inspired architecture, also commissioned by Friedrich Wilhelm IV. Halted over constructing the Orangery Palace, the ensemble on the Pfingstberg was finished in 1861. Althought the belvedere was completed in a largely constrained way, it was frequently used for the royal families teatime.  Today many events like exhibitions, concerts or (our favourite) Full Moon Nights are taking place in this fascinating location.  

Next stop: Tram 92, 96 – Am Schragen, Bus 638 – Am Pfingstberg | Entry fee: 4,50 EUR |Belvedere auf dem Pfingstberg