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Potsdam has many great places for you to enjoy a cup of coffee and a nice piece of cake. We have put together a selection of cafés, you simply shouldn’t miss when you‘re after the best cake in town. This way to the best cake in Potsdam.


If you had to describe the café in just one word, it would probably be this one: Cheesecake! Therefore, the Guam is usually only referred to only as the „cheesecake café“. Every day you’ll find about 10 different sorts one display. Whether you like your cake pure, with fruits, nuts, berries, chocolate or poppy seeds, you‘ll find the right piece of ‘to die for cheesecake‘ for every situation. And because life is about trying out, we like to order several varieties, which are then shared at the table. In summer, you’ll find comfortable seats in front of the café. Enjoy the view down the streets of the Dutch quarter while enjoying the sweet treat.

Café Guam | Mittelstr. 39 | 14467 Potsdam


If you are looking for vegan cakes in Potsdam, this is he right address for you to bear in mind. This café enchants with its loving and stylish furnishings already at first glance. Large armchairs and cosy seating areas on the in- and outside invite guests to wonderfully relax and linger for a while. But Potsdam’s first Vegan Lifestyle Café doesn’t just score with its beautiful appearance. In addition to the very cordial service, a nice variety of cake and snacks is waiting to be discovered. All dishes are not only fresh, but (you may have suspected it already) also vegan. Homemade apple pie, croissants, stuffed dumplings and Matcha latte make the hearts beat faster, even for non-vegans.

Rosenberg | Dortustr. 15 | 14467 Potsdam


This enchanting café is a definite recommendation from our side. The cute name on window already indicates that the „Krümelfee“ is quite small and fairytale like inside. But the café is only one part of the café and catering duo. While guests are sitting in the cosy café, laughing and talking, in an open bakery behind the counter dough is kneaded, tasted and decorated diligently.

The whole interior is just lovingly designed. A beautiful white wooden counter with biscuits in jars, crocheted pennants and fresh flowers in tiny glasses create a nice feel-good atmosphere. The shop may seem quite small, but the cake creations are big in taste! Colourful cupcakes with butter cream topping as well as small cakes and pastries will catapult your taste buds into another sparkling atmosphere. 

Krümelfee Café & Catering| Charlottenstr. 117 | 14467 Potsdam


Café Heider is located right in the city centre and is often referred to as the living room of the city. This is of course not only due to the traditional interior design with coffee house but also  surely because of the fact that guests could simply sit her together with the hours passing by. The Heider is best known for its great selection of cakes and tarts. In summer, the large outdoor area with a view of the Nauener Tor also invites you to relax. Under the trees and umbrellas, you can enjoy yout time with a cup of coffee and a large piece of happiness from the cake cabinet.

Restaurant & Café Heider | Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 29 | 14467 Potsdam


This café on the outskirts of Potsdams city centre focuses on vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The ingredients uses for their tasty cakes and dishes are mostly organic and from regional sources. On the menu you will therefore find mostly seasonal dishes. The cakes and tarts are made with love and you best enjoy them with a cup of fair traded coffee. On sunny days, it’s also quite wonderful to sit under the big umbrellas in front of the café.

Bio-Café Kieselstein | Hegelallee 23 | 14467 Potsdam